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EcoCed wood fibre – a sustainable and safe choice for playgrounds

Made from residues of eastern white cedar, a tree known for its high resistance to decay, EcoCed wood fibre is screened to ensure uniform size and shape. Our shredder is specifically designed to generate fewer slivers, reducing the risk of injury and splinters when children play at the park or school.

Available in bags or in bulk, wood fibre surfacing creates a clean, eco-friendly, naturally looking playground.

Reliable products, responsive service

Just like the consistent quality of our products, our customer service is consistently excellent!

EcoCed wood fibre for playgrounds is available in bags or in bulk.

Bags 2 cu. ft. 80 bags per pallet
Bags 3 cu. ft. 52 bags per pallet
Bulk 10 cu. yards or more

EcoCed wood fibre is ideal for public and residential playgrounds (daycares, primary schools, municipal parks and residential play areas).It is dust-free and contains no bark or leaves.

Reassuring advantages for parents

Wood fibre is a sound alternative to fine sand, which is also used as a playground surface:

  • For layers of the same thickness, wood fibre absorbs the shock of falls from greater heights than sand.
  • Animals do not use wood fibre as litter.
  • Cedar wood fibre has a pleasant smell.

Wood fibre for playgrounds is a sustainable and safe choice for children:

  • Great shock-absorption capacity
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Contains no toxins or allergens
  • Facilitates drainage to keep the surface clean and dry

Wood fibre has been tested in accordance with the ASTM F1292-09 standard. The standard requires a layer with a final thickness of 12 inches when compacted.

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