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paillis horticole ecocedEcoCed cedar mulch – a logical choice for your landscaping projects

EcoCed Canadian cedar mulch is 100% eco-friendly. Renowned for its high resistance to decay and decomposition, cedar mulch offers very consistent colour and retains its decorative appearance for many years.

To the delight of gardeners, EcoCed cedar mulch is available in various formats and four rich colours: natural, red, brown and black. Its uniform particle size and texture increases the beauty of your landscaping while reducing water requirements and limiting weed growth.

Horticultural mulch formats

Bags 2 cu. ft. (90 bags per pallet) 3 cu. ft. (65 bags per pallet)
Bales 2,5 cu. yards 5 cu. yards
Bulk 10 cu. yards or more  


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Guaranteed supply for our distributors

Just like the consistent quality of our products, our customer service is consistently excellent!

With a total capacity of 2.5 million bags, the plant is located close to Bardeaux Lajoie, a key supplier of raw materials.

Our highly versatile team adapts to fill each customer’s needs, both in terms of transport and last-minute orders. EcoCed keeps a large amount of each format and colour of mulch in stock to meet customer needs in a changing market.

Practical tips for gardeners

A layer of cedar mulch at least 2 inches (5 cm) thick is needed to be effective; even better results will be obtained with a layer 3 inches (7.6 cm) thick.

Mulching provides numerous benefits:

  • Reduces water needs of plants by conserving soil moisture
  • Reduces the need to water or irrigate
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Protects roots against frost and drought
  • Low maintenance and easy to install

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